Health & Safety Policy

Safety is of primary importance. It is essential that the Company conducts its operations in such a way as to protect the safety and health of its employees, its contractors and all those affected by Chariot’s activities.


Chariot’s goals are:

  • To achieve no injury, lost work days or work related illnesses;
  • To fully respect safety and health in all management choices, plans and operations; and
  • To comply with all applicable standards of the international oil industry, in addition to the laws and regulations of the states in which Chariot is present.

These goals require that:

  • Managers at all levels are responsible and accountable for health and safety matters and for ensuring compliance with this policy statement; and
  • All employees and contractors remain vigilant and responsible for their own safety, as well as the safety of the people around them.

To reach these goals Chariot must:

  • Develop and follow efficient safety procedures and standards;
  • Identify, evaluate and manage hazards and risks involved in its operations;
  • Ensure that its employees and contractors are properly trained to work safely and to ensure that they know how to act in an emergency;
  • Emphasise safety and health concerns both on and off work sites;
  • Report all safety related incidents and investigate and analyse them to prevent recurrence; and
  • Perform a regular audit of its compliance with the Company’s safety policy.

These goals are fundamental to the wellbeing of all employees as well as the efficient operation of the Company. Helping to fulfil these goals is the responsibility of everyone who works at Chariot.