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High Impact Exploration: First mover advantage in the Walvis Basin

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Chariot entered Namibian exploration as a play opener and, having acquired, processed and interpreted over 10,000km2 of 3D seismic and drilled three deepwater exploration wells, it has secured one of the largest databases of seismic and well data in the country.

  • Deep water drilling since 2009 demonstrates that all elements for a working petroleum system and material oil accumulation are present in Namibia
  • Prospect portfolio includes several large structural traps and combination structural/stratigraphic closures in three different geological settings
  • Chariot’s Prospect S well, 2018, encountered excellent quality water bearing Cretaceous-aged turbidite reservoir sands, with the source kitchen anticipated to be immature
  • Extensive post-well analysis is underway to determine the impact on the remaining prospectivity of the Central Blocks – with those prospects with a different source kitchen unaffected by the Prospect S drilling results

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Previous drilling in the 1990s was focused on targets on the shelf across the region, but the more recent drilling activity took place in the deep water, proving two principal source rocks in the Aptian and the Cenomanian-Turonian. These wells not only confirmed the presence of excellent quality thick, oil prone mature source rock and recovered light oil, but also encountered good quality turbidite reservoirs.


  • Prospect S, a potentially transformational well drilled safely and efficiently by Chariot in 2018, encountered water bearing turbidite reservoir sands
  • Post-well analysis is underway as part of the well failure analysis.
  • Integration of all wells to understand implications for the remaining inventory in acreage that extends to 16,800km2
  • All petroleum play elements proven by nearby drilling
  • Note that Prospects V & W access an outboard source kitchen, different to the inboard kitchen postulated for Prospect S

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Chariot 65% (operator)

AziNam 20%

NAMCOR 10% (carried interest)

Ignitus 5% (carried interest)

None: Drill Ready 4,700km 2D
6100km2 3D
Prospect V 339mmbbls

Prospect W 284mmbbls