Operations Overview / Morocco


Appraisal: A low cost gas development opportunity with significant upside
High Impact Exploration: Chasing a new petroleum system demonstrated by the Rabat Deep 1 well


Low Risk Gas Appraisal



The Lixus licence covers an area of approximately 2,390km2 , 30km north of Chariot’s existing Moroccan acreage, with water depths ranging from the coastline to 850m. The area has been subject to earlier exploration with legacy 3D seismic data covering approximately 1,425km2 and 4 exploration wells, including the Anchois gas discovery.

  • Anchois -1 gas discovery – 361 Bcf 2C contingent resources with 690 2U prospective resources
  • Material low risk exploration satellites with significant tie-back potential
  • Additional on-block, exploration upside of a combined 1.8Tcf 2U audited prospective resource
  • World-class commercial contract terms with high gas prices in a developing market with growing energy demand offers a potentially high-value project
  • 3D Seismic reprocessing and evaluation to access the additional exploration potential of Lixus underway
  • Evaluation of the gas market, testing of development concepts and outreach for strategic partnerships and alliances to progress towards a development of the Anchois discovery ongoing
  • Future development is anticipated to deliver strong returns and significant cash flow

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The excellent quality reservoirs in the Anchois discovery offers the potential for high rate wells and the consequent possibility of a low-cost development. In combination with excellent commercial contract terms in a country with high gas prices in a developing market and growing energy demand, the Anchois discovery offers the potential for a material, high-value project.


Contract Area


Ongoing commitments

Seismic Database

Priority Prospects

Approximate licence area (km2)

Lixus Chariot 75% (operator)

ONHYM 25% (carried interest)

2D & 3D reprocessing and interpretation 950km 2D 1425km2 3D 2C Resource of 361 Bcf in Gas Sand A and Gas Sand B

2U Prospective Resource of 690 Bcf in low risk prospective targets, untested in the well


Strong Moroccan Gas Fundamentals

  • Bulk of power generation from imported coal, fuel oil and gas
  • Moroccan energy demand expected to double between 2015 and 2030
  • Current gas prices averaging 9.0 – 10.5 $/mscf

Additional Moroccan Acreage * 



The Rissana licence covers an area of approximately 8,476km2 and will completely surround the offshore boundaries of Chariot’s existing Lixus licence which contains the Anchois Gas Discovery, as well as covering the most prospective northern areas of the previously held Mohammedia and Kenitra licences.

  • Prospective areas already covered by 3D seismic data from the Mohammedia and Kenitra licences captured in the new Rissana licence.
  • Provides material potential running room in various plays including the Mio-Pliocene play surrounding the Lixus licence and on-trend with the Anchois Gas Discovery.
  • Initial minimum licence commitment is the acquisition of a 2D seismic survey, over a portion of the acreage, which will help to evaluate the extension and potential of these gas plays across Rissana.

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*Formal award subject to the normal Moroccan regulatory procedures and approvals