Press Releases

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09 May 2019Competent Persons Report on the Anchois Discovery, Moroccopdf299.81 KB
10 April 20192018 Final Resultspdf570.77 KB
03 April 2019Award of Lixus Offshore Licence, Moroccopdf213.02 KB
Date Name File type File size
15 December 2016Pre-Close Operational Updatepdf199.85 KB
01 December 2016Block Admission Returnpdf278.41 KB
09 November 2016Board Remuneration and Grant of Share Awardspdf205.34 KB
14 September 2016Interim Resultspdf377.28 KB
05 July 2016Result of AGMpdf45.55 KB
05 July 2016AGM Statementpdf60.78 KB
28 June 2016Grant of Deferred Share Awardspdf125.48 KB
16 June 2016Update on C-19 Licence, Mauritaniapdf56.39 KB
16 June 2016Award of Mohammedia Offshore Exploration Permits I – III, Moroccopdf61.71 KB
01 June 2016Block Admissionpdf126.24 KB
25 May 2016Block Admissionpdf110.51 KB
23 May 2016Posting of Annual Report and Notice of Annual General Meetingpdf97.50 KB
10 May 2016Corporate Updatepdf166.07 KB
09 May 2016Appointment of Joint Brokerspdf138.56 KB
13 April 2016Final Results for the 12 months ending Dec 2015pdf785.56 KB
31 March 2016Completion of 3D seismic, Brazilpdf146.42 KB
31 March 2016Holding in Companypdf49.04 KB
30 March 2016Farm Out Agreement with Eni in Rabat Deep Offshore, Moroccopdf266.26 KB
10 March 20163D Seismic Programme Commenced, Brazilpdf51.06 KB
22 February 2016Analyst Day Updatepdf59.27 KB
19 February 2016Completion of 3D Seismic in Namibiapdf50.34 KB
18 January 20163D Seismic Programme Commenced, Namibiapdf51.53 KB
17 December 2015Pre-close trading updatepdf63.15 KB
23 September 2015Chariot Interim Resultspdf403.85 KB
10 August 2015Launch of Private Investor Communications Surveypdf147.11 KB
21 July 2015Directors’ Dealingspdf202.29 KB
20 July 2015Directors’ Dealingspdf145.70 KB
26 June 2015Grant of Deferred Share Awardspdf47.16 KB
23 June 2015Block Admission Returnpdf403.85 KB
04 June 2015AGM Statementpdf190.29 KB
04 June 2015Result of AGMpdf26.52 KB
01 June 2015Block Admission Returnpdf106.55 KB
19 May 2015Update on farm-out agreement with AziLatpdf146.65 KB
05 May 2015Chariot Oil & Gas – Corporate Updatepdf113.10 KB
01 May 2015Licence Extension and Resource Update of C-19, Mauritaniapdf40.93 KB
30 April 2015Posting of Annual Report and Notice of Annual General Meetingpdf95.36 KB
29 April 2015Holding in Companypdf167.86 KB
23 April 2015Morocco – Operational Updatepdf302.00 KB
22 April 2015Holding in Companypdf174.08 KB
21 April 2015Update on Moroccan Portfoliopdf142.73 KB
20 March 2015Final Results for the 12 months ending Dec 2014pdf673.44 KB
13 March 20152D Seismic Acquisition Programme Completed Offshore Namibiapdf100.19 KB
20 February 20152D Seismic Acquisition Programme Commenced Offshore Namibiapdf43.57 KB
12 February 2015Analyst Day Updatepdf129.43 KB
02 February 2015Holding in Companypdf36.95 KB
24 December 2014Holding in Companypdf166.20 KB
24 December 2014Woodside farm-out Morocco, completepdf258.09 KB
17 December 2014Pre-Close Operational Updatepdf220.19 KB
04 December 2014Block Admission Returnpdf103.08 KB
23 October 2014Update on Northern Blocks 1811 A&B, Namibiapdf222.18 KB
14 October 2014Director’s Dealingspdf177.46 KB
10 October 2014Block Admissionpdf176.82 KB
23 September 2014Director dealingspdf182.01 KB
22 September 2014Interim Financial Statementspdf398.52 KB
02 September 2014Holding in Companypdf164.88 KB
01 September 2014Update re Admission of Placing Sharespdf144.43 KB
29 August 2014Admission of Placing Sharespdf96.31 KB
29 August 2014Holding(s) in Companypdf119.97 KB
28 August 2014Update on Namibian Portfoliopdf241.12 KB
20 August 2014Brazil farm-out agreement with AziLatpdf61.74 KB
18 August 2014Result of GMpdf194.53 KB
22 July 2014Results of Placingpdf242.94 KB
21 July 2014Proposed Placing Announcementpdf407.39 KB
04 July 2014Woodside farm-out, Moroccopdf321.10 KB
28 June 2014Holding in Companypdf166.01 KB
28 June 2014Appointment of Joint Broker and Change of Nominated Advisorpdf98.03 KB
05 June 2014Result of AGMpdf26.52 KB
05 June 2014AGM Statementpdf194.10 KB
02 June 2014Block Admission Returnpdf103.05 KB
02 May 2014Posting of Annual Report and Notice of Annual General Meetingpdf180.77 KB
29 April 2014Completion of 3D, Moroccopdf100.42 KB
28 April 2014Joint Broker Update & Change of Nominated Advisorpdf115.09 KB
11 April 2014Long Term Incentive Share Schemepdf133.90 KB
03 April 2014Commencement of 3D, Moroccopdf101.11 KB
03 April 2014Commencement of 3D, Moroccopdf101.11 KB
19 March 2014Final Results for the 12 months ending Dec 2013pdf720.48 KB
19 March 2014Final Results for the 12 months ending Dec 2013pdf720.48 KB
18 March 2014Award of Mohammedia Reconnaissance Licence offshore Moroccopdf148.67 KB
19 February 2014Appointment of Non-executive Directorspdf153.58 KB
13 February 2014Analyst Day – Exploring the Atlantic Marginspdf131.77 KB
06 January 2014Completion of 2D seismic – 2714Bpdf102.33 KB
20 December 2013Pre-Close Updatepdf156.02 KB
19 December 2013Commencement of 2D seismic in Block 2714B, Namibiapdf101.30 KB
18 December 2013Director’s Dealingspdf151.04 KB
02 December 2013Block Admission Returnpdf103.88 KB
21 November 2013Result of EGMpdf195.56 KB
13 November 2013Moroccan Updatepdf156.43 KB
21 October 2013Director Dealingspdf151.29 KB
18 October 2013Notice of EGMpdf101.24 KB
14 October 2013Completion of Cairn Farm-out agreement, Mauritaniapdf205.62 KB
02 October 2013Block Admissionpdf148.56 KB
25 September 2013Director Dealingspdf32.70 KB
20 September 2013Interim Resultspdf520.53 KB
09 September 2013Resource Update – Central Blockspdf191.98 KB
02 September 2013Concession Agreement signed – Brazilpdf186.37 KB
08 August 2013Farm-out agreement with Cairn Block C19, Mauritaniapdf299.46 KB
28 June 2013Board Changespdf41.38 KB
20 June 20132714B New Licence Grantedpdf34.54 KB
11 June 2013Morocco Licence Extensionpdf194.53 KB
07 June 20132714A Licence Extensionpdf188.64 KB
03 June 2013Block Admission 6 month returnpdf184.00 KB
29 May 2013Central Block licence extensionpdf32.80 KB
21 May 2013AGM Statementpdf196.31 KB
21 May 2013Result of AGMpdf183.79 KB
16 May 2013Exploration Blocks in Brazil – Replacementpdf161.25 KB
15 May 2013Successful bids for Exploration Blocks in the offshore Atlantic margins of Brazilpdf234.70 KB
22 April 2013Grant of Optionspdf194.86 KB
19 April 2013Posting of Annual Report and Notice of AGMpdf195.38 KB
20 March 2013Final Results for the 12 months ending Dec 2012pdf591.01 KB
19 February 2013Operational Updatepdf263.22 KB
29 January 2013Holding in Company – Baillie Giffordpdf348.08 KB
14 January 2013Completion of Seismic Acquisition in Block C19, Mauritaniapdf31.04 KB
21 December 2012Pre-Close Updatepdf233.30 KB
20 December 2012Board Changespdf231.72 KB
03 December 2012Block Admission Returnpdf183.44 KB
27 November 2012Appointment of Joint Brokerpdf184.38 KB
19 November 2012Commencement of 3D Seismic Programme – Mauritaniapdf194.73 KB
07 November 2012Holding in Companypdf53.22 KB
06 November 2012Board Changespdf29.05 KB
31 October 2012Approval to move to Second Renewal Phase for Northern Blocks 1811A&B and Southern Block 2714Bpdf195.07 KB
26 October 2012Director’s Dealingspdf237.90 KB
25 October 2012Further Expansion of Portfolio – Rabat Deep, Moroccopdf198.11 KB
19 October 20123D seismic programme contract signed for Block C19, offshore Mauritaniapdf197.32 KB
11 October 2012Expansion of Portfolio – Moroccopdf200.34 KB
21 September 2012Results of AGMpdf148.65 KB
21 September 2012Interim resultspdf398.50 KB
17 September 2012Holding Company – Janus Capital Management LLCpdf300.59 KB
17 September 2012Holding Company – Baillie Gifford & Copdf373.07 KB
10 September 2012Results of Kabeljou Exploration Wellpdf31.82 KB
04 September 2012Response to Share Price Movementpdf191.19 KB
27 July 2012Commencement of Drilling of Kabeljou exploration well on the Nimrod Prospectpdf196.87 KB
01 June 2012Block Admission Returnpdf250.66 KB
24 May 2012Holding in Companypdf352.32 KB
21 May 2012Drilling Rig Confirmed – Second Exploration Well to Spud Early Q3pdf222.17 KB
21 May 2012AGM Statementpdf194.16 KB
21 May 2012Holding in Companypdf352.22 KB
16 May 2012Holding in Company – Baillie Gifford & Copdf352.22 KB
15 May 2012Director’s Dealings – Larry Bottomleypdf195.28 KB
15 May 2012Director’s Dealings – Adonis Pouroulispdf195.31 KB
14 May 2012Director’s Dealings – Paul Welchpdf196.72 KB
14 May 2012Results of Tapir South Exploration Wellpdf197.96 KB
23 April 2012Replacement re Mauntaniapdf149.86 KB
19 April 2012Posting of Annual Report & Notice of AGMpdf131.26 KB
13 April 2012Approval of Block C19 Acquisition Offshore Mauritaniapdf185.81 KB
10 April 2012Acquisition of Offshore Exploration Blocks, Mauritaniapdf246.66 KB
05 April 2012Commencement of Drilling on the Tapir South Prospectpdf199.55 KB
23 March 2012Holding in Company – Janus Capital Management LLCpdf98.34 KB
20 March 2012Final Results for the Ten Months ended 31 December 2011pdf668.76 KB
20 March 2012Placing of Ordinary Shares and Corporate Updatepdf309.32 KB
16 March 2012Change of equity ownership in Licence 20, Block 2714A, offshore Namibiapdf263.30 KB
06 March 2012Signing of a Drilling Rig Contact – First Exploration Well to Spud Early Aprilpdf264.95 KB
01 March 2012Change of company secretary and registered officepdf270.24 KB
08 February 2012Completion of Seismic in Central Blockspdf161.49 KB
02 February 2012Conclusion of farm-out agreement with BP in block 2714Apdf261.33 KB
28 December 2011Holding in Companypdf305.24 KB
02 December 2011Block Admission Returnpdf142.12 KB
30 November 2011Operational update – drill rig contract negotiationspdf238.47 KB
28 November 2011Holding in Companypdf305.24 KB
14 November 20113D “Geostreamer” Seismic Acquisition Programme Underway in Central Blockspdf206.63 KB
07 November 2011Drill permit granted for its Tapir South prospectpdf182.10 KB
31 October 2011Technical Update – Improved Chance of Success and Increase in Gross Mean Unrisked Prospective Resourcespdf266.35 KB
24 October 2011Interim Results – period ended 31 August 2011pdf401.33 KB
30 September 2011Holding in Companypdf39.05 KB
19 September 2011Change of Adviser Name – RBC Europe Limitedpdf240.63 KB
01 September 2011Appointment of Non-Executive Director – Mr. Larry Bottomleypdf139.45 KB
01 September 2011Exercise of Optionspdf177.44 KB
01 September 2011Grant of Options – Larry Bottomleypdf235.24 KB
31 August 2011Holding in Companypdf244.06 KB
09 August 2011Central Blocks Farm-out Agreement Completedpdf200.18 KB
08 August 2011Holding in Companypdf233.83 KB
08 August 2011Farm-out Agreement Signed with BP in Block 2714Apdf203.08 KB
05 August 2011Holding in Companypdf233.86 KB
20 July 2011Holding(s) in Companypdf132.65 KB
20 July 2011AGM Statement – Replacementpdf129.30 KB
20 July 2011AGM Statementpdf182.98 KB
20 July 2011Result of AGMpdf93.19 KB
01 July 2011Corporate Update – Updated CPR confirms Chariot’s estimate of gross mean unrisked prospective resource volumespdf318.88 KB
28 June 2011Approval to move to First Renewal Phase for Central Blocks and Southern Block 2714A 210pdf39.75 KB
24 June 2011Holding in Companypdf55.39 KB
23 June 2011Heads of Terms signed on two licence areas offshore Namibiapdf32.73 KB
23 June 2011Holding in Companypdf55.42 KB
20 June 2011Posting of Annual Report and Notice of Annual General Meetingpdf286.39 KB
20 June 2011Holding in Companypdf279.37 KB
16 June 2011Director’s Dealings – Robert Sinclairpdf204.73 KB
11 June 2011Holding in Companypdf279.34 KB
10 June 2011Holding in Companypdf280.69 KB
09 June 2011Holding in Companypdf279.34 KB
07 June 2011Change of Registered Address and Financial Reportingpdf177.66 KB
31 May 2011Final Resultspdf2.69 MB
17 May 2011Holding in Companypdf281.08 KB
16 May 2011Appointment of Joint Broker and Change of Nominated Adviserpdf179.54 KB
06 May 2011Holding in Companypdf281.03 KB
05 May 2011Resource Update – Increase of 1.5 billion barrels to a new total of 15.46 billion barrels of gross mean unrisked prospective resourcespdf283.47 KB
03 May 2011Holdings in Companypdf281.16 KB
03 May 2011Holding in Companypdf281.05 KB
03 May 2011Statement re Share Price Movementpdf163.70 KB
14 April 2011Holding in Companypdf281.07 KB
06 April 2011Holding in Companypdf280.93 KB
05 April 2011Holding in Companypdf281.07 KB
01 April 2011Result of General Meeting – £90m Share Placingpdf250.01 KB
31 March 2011Update – Farm-Out Process and Drilling Planspdf165.68 KB
11 March 2011Holding Companypdf280.71 KB
07 March 2011Proposed Placing of Ordinary Shares and Notice of General Meetingpdf338.77 KB
28 February 2011Pre-close Updatepdf210.23 KB
25 February 2011Resource Updatepdf285.67 KB
15 February 2011Holding in Companypdf55.56 KB
03 February 2011Holding in Companypdf280.75 KB
31 January 2011Resource Update – Increase of 3.1 billion barrels to a new total of 13.2 billion barrels of Gross Unrisked Mean Prospective Resourcespdf279.82 KB
28 January 2011Exercise of Optionspdf175.80 KB
30 December 2010Block Admissionpdf161.75 KB
16 December 2010Transfer of Shares – Westward Investments Limitedpdf158.46 KB
01 December 2010Issue of Shares to be admitted to trading on AIMpdf162.44 KB
25 November 2010Exercise of Optionspdf179.85 KB
24 November 2010Holding in Companypdf280.77 KB
24 November 2010Exercise of Optionspdf179.85 KB
22 November 2010Holding in Companypdf162.72 KB
22 November 2010Holding in Companypdf162.70 KB
05 November 2010Interim results for the period ended 31 August 2010pdf700.33 KB
28 October 2010CPR confirms Chariot’s estimate of gross mean prospective resource volumespdf65.21 KB
27 October 2010Holding in Companypdf48.00 KB
26 October 2010Holding in Companypdf48.00 KB
13 September 2010Holding(s) in Companypdf140.97 KB
06 September 2010Grant of Options – Philip Loaderpdf167.16 KB
06 September 2010Further Increase in Gross Mean Unrisked Prospective Resources to over 10 billion barrelspdf59.30 KB
06 September 2010Holding in Companypdf162.66 KB
02 September 2010Appointment of Joint Broker – RBC Capital Marketspdf115.86 KB
02 September 2010Board Changepdf144.74 KB
31 August 2010Pre-Close Updatepdf48.37 KB
18 August 2010Appointment of Non-Executive Director – Mr. Philip Loaderpdf51.07 KB
16 August 2010Approval to move to First Renewal Phasepdf34.70 KB
29 July 2010AGM Statementpdf96.26 KB
08 July 2010Holding in Companypdf169.92 KB
06 July 2010Update – Processed Seismic Datapdf51.53 KB
29 June 2010Exercise of Optionspdf137.80 KB
28 June 2010Exercise of Warrantspdf44.81 KB
24 June 2010Posting of Annual Report and Notice of Annual General Meetingpdf35.91 KB
21 June 2010Holding in Companypdf179.11 KB
09 June 2010Holding in Companypdf162.63 KB
04 June 2010Issue of sharespdf115.26 KB
01 June 2010Final results for period ended 28 February 2010pdf294.30 KB
01 June 2010Grant of Optionspdf171.10 KB
01 June 2010Holding in Companypdf162.67 KB
28 May 2010Holding in Companypdf46.54 KB
27 May 2010Exercise of Warrantspdf119.38 KB
24 May 2010Holding in Companypdf164.31 KB
24 May 2010Holding in Companypdf162.80 KB
20 May 2010Exercise of Warrantspdf120.63 KB
19 May 2010Holding in Companypdf162.82 KB
14 May 2010Holding in Companypdf162.79 KB
13 May 2010Holding in Companypdf162.78 KB
11 May 2010Holding in Companypdf162.78 KB
10 May 2010Holding in Companypdf142.09 KB
10 May 2010Appointment of Non-Executive Director – George F. Canjarpdf163.15 KB
29 April 2010Holding in Companypdf162.77 KB
15 April 2010Holding in Companypdf162.76 KB
01 April 2010Holding in Companypdf64.00 KB
30 March 2010Holding in Companypdf141.94 KB
25 March 2010Holding in Companypdf141.93 KB
11 March 2010Holding in Companypdf242.40 KB
02 March 2010Mean Prospective Resources Reported from Central Blockspdf38.44 KB
26 February 2010Pre-Close Updatepdf45.88 KB
25 February 2010REG – Chariot Oil & Gas Ld – Appointment of Nominated Adviserpdf73.92 KB
16 February 2010Holding in Companypdf37.72 KB
10 February 2010Settlement Agreed with HRTpdf142.09 KB
02 February 2010Further Senior Staff Appointmentspdf36.89 KB
21 January 2010Appointment of Joint Broker – Ambrian Partners Limitedpdf131.35 KB
05 January 2010Completion of seismic acquisitionpdf36.09 KB
15 December 2009Senior Technical Team Appointmentspdf36.30 KB
01 December 2009Commencement of further seismic acquisitionpdf31.89 KB
16 November 2009Holding in Companypdf39.05 KB
13 November 2009Grant of Optionspdf38.84 KB
11 November 2009Holding in Companypdf22.89 KB
10 November 2009Holding in Companypdf22.07 KB
02 November 2009Interim Results for the period ended 31 August 2009pdf230.13 KB
02 November 2009REG-Chariot Oil & Gas Ld Interim Resultspdf101.56 KB
14 October 2009Holding in Companypdf37.76 KB
13 October 2009Statement – Share price movementpdf31.24 KB
09 October 2009Board change – Norman Leightonpdf19.61 KB
05 October 2009Appointment of new CEO – Paul Welchpdf36.72 KB
28 September 2009Licence Extensions and Completion of Seismic Acquisition Operationspdf35.52 KB
16 September 2009Holding in Companypdf40.99 KB
07 September 2009General Meeting Statementpdf107.41 KB
11 August 2009Holding in Companypdf48.00 KB
11 August 2009Holding in Companypdf48.00 KB
05 August 2009Posting of Annual Report and Notice of General Meetingpdf23.78 KB
05 August 2009Notice of General Meetingpdf16.67 KB
03 August 2009Statement – Arbitrationpdf32.82 KB
07 July 2009Facilitator’s Agreementpdf23.79 KB
30 June 2009Result of AGMpdf263.65 KB
26 June 2009Preliminary Resultspdf444.84 KB
19 June 2009Approval of farm-out agreement with Petrobras from Namibian Ministry of Mines and Energypdf120.82 KB
18 June 2009Appointment of temporary Alternate Directorpdf150.09 KB
15 June 2009Board Changes – James Burgesspdf21.14 KB
12 June 2009Technical Updatepdf23.28 KB
04 June 2009Holding in Companypdf38.64 KB
28 May 2009Notification of Preliminary Results and Notice of AGMpdf21.39 KB
27 May 2009Update – Peruvian licencespdf21.58 KB
19 May 2009Farm-out Agreement Signed with Petrobraspdf34.20 KB
27 February 2009Trading Update – Continuing Progresspdf158.39 KB
26 January 2009Holding in Companypdf300.11 KB
23 December 2008Holding in Companypdf241.31 KB
27 November 2008Alternate Director-Additionpdf266.95 KB
23 October 2008Mean Prospective Resources Increased by 1.3 billion barrels to over 5 billion barrelspdf390.05 KB
29 September 2008Appointment of seismic survey partners in Namibiapdf140.50 KB
01 September 2008Pre-Close Updatepdf102.06 KB
12 June 2008Director Dealing – Norman Leightonpdf126.79 KB
23 May 2008Significant Shareholding – Photon Global Limitedpdf164.28 KB
19 May 2008Placing and Admission to Trading on AIMpdf278.89 KB