How can I obtain a copy of the Annual Report?

The latest Annual Report can be found here or please contact us via the Enquiry Form with your name and address details should you like to receive a hard copy.

What do I need to bring with me to the AGM?

In order to vote at the AGM you will need to bring some identification and proof of your shareholding.

How do I provide proof of my shareholding if I don’t have a share certificate?

You will need a letter from your registered shareholder detailing the number of shares that are held. A template of this letter can be found here.

The alternative way to vote as an unnamed shareholder is for you to instruct your nominee to send the Proxy Form on your behalf before the meeting. The Proxy Form can be found here.

When does your “close period” start/end?

The “close period” refers to the situation in which the management team is restricted from buying or selling company shares because it is in possession of price-sensitive information which hasn’t been announced to the market. This can be related to financial reporting, but also to a wide range of other operational and corporate developments, such as farm-out negotiations. For these reasons, we cannot comment on the “close period” start or end.

Do you meet your shareholders in person?

We are in regular contact with our investors, meeting institutions at investor conferences and roadshows, and engaging with private investors at General Meetings and conference calls.

How do you engage with institutions?

We regularly attend industry and investor conferences, see details here. We meet them on an ad hoc basis as appropriate, in addition to regular roadshows. We also have good relations with several analysts and present to sales teams on a regular basis.

How many shares does Chariot have in issue?

Share information can be found here.

How do I contact the share registry or advise of a change of address/other details?

To contact Link Asset Services directly, please use the details on their website www.linkassetservices.com. From this website, you can download a change of address form and inform Link Asset Services of any other personal detail changes.

Does Chariot have offices in its countries of operation?

Chariot has representative offices in Namibia and Brazil. Please see here for contact details.

Are there currently any vacancies at Chariot?

Currently, Chariot is not recruiting in any area of the business. Please be aware that Chariot is at times subject to fraudulent recruitment agencies. Please contact us immediately if you are approached. As and when we have any vacancies, the careers page will be updated.

Does Chariot offer internships?

There are not currently any internship opportunities at Chariot. There are occasional 2-3 week work experience opportunities. Please send your CV with some information about yourself to kellynunes@chariotoilandgas.com. Please note that due to the volume of interest received we are not able to respond to all applications.