A balanced portfolio, with giant potential

Chariot is focused on delivering transformational value through the appraisal and discovery of material accumulations of hydrocarbons

Our Operations

We have built a diverse portfolio with giant potential in the underexplored deep water regions of the Atlantic margin

Chariot’s goal is to create transformational stakeholder value through the discovery of material accumulations of hydrocarbons. We aim to do this through delivering a high impact drilling programme sustained by the development of our low cost gas appraisal asset.

Our Media

Chariot Transitional Energy – Building an African Transitional Energy Group


Chariot CFO Julian Maurice-Williams on the Gas Market MOU with Ministry of Industry in Morocco


Chariot sign collaboration with Subsea Integration Alliance to fast track Anchois Gas Project


Latest tweets from Chariot

“The shares have not taken advantage of what is without doubt a game-changing deal, investors should watch the interview with Adonis and see how the various moving parts in this deal will combine to make the current market cap look positively tiny by what it should be.”

An interview with the Acting CEO of Chariot, Adonis Pouroulis, on today’s announced acquisition of AEMP: https://www.brrmedia.co.uk/broadcasts-embed/604f3b8d1e24d464e23ee271/chariot-transitional-energy-building-an-african-transitional-energy-group/?popup=true

Chariot announces the acquisition of Africa Energy Management Platform, a renewable and hybrid power developer focused on the mining sector in Africa. The $2m purchase is payable primarily in Chariot shares. https://otp.tools.investis.com/clients/uk/chariot_oil1/rns/regulatory-story.aspx?cid=351&newsid=1462942

An @IChronicle which features Chariot Oil & Gas. https://www.investorschronicle.co.uk/ideas/2021/03/19/priced-to-hit-pay-dirt/